Monday, May 25, 2009

Ragamuffin Garland....Finally!

I am officially the worst contest winner...EVER. If you've been visiting my blog for the last year, you remember this. Last summer, (yes, as in the summer of 2008), I won the Nester's giveaway for a black & white fabric ragamuffin garland kit. It's been so long, I'm not even sure the Nester herself remembers. Way back then, I promised that I would post photos of the finished garland. And, I'm a girl that keeps my promises. Even if those promises are fulfilled late. Embarrassingly late.

Here is my very own ragamuffin garland in all its glory. The white and black fabric stash that the Nester pulled together for me, that also happened to have little pops of red, came together into a fabulous garland that works perfectly with my very red couch. It was meant to be.

I used jute twine as the base for my garland, with knotted loops on each end for hanging. It's true what the Nester says, ragamuffin garlands are easy to make. It's a fail-proof project that you just cannot mess up. Honest. And all the tying makes your fingers feel like they might fall off. But you get a fun finished project that is worth all the tying. Tie while you watch TV. Be prepared to vacuum the entire area in which you work. The couch, the rug, the table, the floor. The threads cannot be contained in the creation of the ragamuffin masterpiece.

The ragamuffin garland moved around as I tried to find just the right spot for her. She landed on the knobs of the sofa table that sits in our entry, just behind the red couch. She is the perfect camouflage for the shoe basket that lives under the sofa table and corrals our shoes when we come in the door. Since settling into her home a few months ago, the garland has gotten many compliments from visitors to our home, admiring her whimsical beauty.

I think ragamuffin garlands are the perfect accessory for a kid's room or nursery. Someday, I'll definitely be making one for my child's room...hopefully a very girly, pink one. For some inspiration, check out some of the crazy cute ones the Nester has made here.

Pull out your fabric stash or gather your scraps and make your very own ragamuffin garland. And go visit the Nester. Tell her I said hi. That is, if she's still speaking to me.

(This is my 100th post! In honor of this blogging milestone, I'm going to host a giveaway of my very own! Check back later this week to enter!)


Dawn said...

I think you found the perfect spot for your garland! I made a valance for my son's room that was similar to the garland and you're right - you feel like your fingers are going to fall off after making that many knots.


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

That is hilarious! I can relate...I feel like I would have been so excited to win but then not as good at actually getting the project done. It looks so cute though!