Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 2nd anniversary and we had a day-long date to celebrate our first 2 years of marriage! It was so fun to have a day to enjoy each other's company, reflect on our last 2 years of life together as husband and wife, and celebrate all the sweet joys that we've been blessed with in each other.

For months now, we've been meaning to find this colorful Austin "postcard wall" near downtown. We started our morning off searching for the Greetings From Austin mural and I laughed so hard when Truman had to run back and forth across the street to hit the timer on the camera and join me in the photo. It was appropriate that we finally found it on our anniversary since the first two years of our marriage have been spent here in Austin. (If you're in Austin and want to visit, it's on the side of a building at the corner of 1st St. & Annie St. south of downtown.)

We then headed to nearby Flip Happy Crepes for brunch. This cute retro trailer prepares fresh made-to-order sweet & savory crepes and has been featured on the Food Network. Friends have been talking about Flip Happy for months and we decided to finally check it out yesterday morning. It was every bit as good as we'd heard!

Parked in an empty lot, the trailer is surrounded by brightly colored picnic tables and chairs tucked under shady trees. The hand written menu changes regularly and features gourmet ingredients in interesting flavor combinations. The hours are random, so check the blog for that day's hours before you head out. It's not an Austin secret any longer, but the local character adds to the charm. Our crepes were delicious!

After enjoying our crepes, we headed to an afternoon matinee of the Soloist. I took a much needed afternoon nap and we got ready and headed out to a early celebration dinner at Flemmings.

Truman and I both love a good steak dinner and Flemmings did not disappoint. The chipotle mac & cheese was a delicious complement to our steak and the service was outstanding. It was a special dinner and the chef even prepared a box of chocolate truffles for us to take home in honor of our anniversary. They were so decadent!

After dinner, we headed to the theater for Rent. We both love Broadway and have season tickets for this years series. It worked out that our tickets for Rent fell on our anniversary, and it was a fun way to end our evening!

Happy Anniversary Tru! There is no one else that I'd want beside me for this journey of life. I am so blessed by your love and you have brought such joy to my life! Thank you for your gentleness, your love for me and for the Lord, for making me laugh every single day, and for all the ways you serve me & care for me every single day. I am continually thankful that God gave you to me. I look forward to many more years of life & love with you!


Dawn said...

Happy belated anniversary wishes!!!'

I love that you're the "newbie" in town yet I'm constantly learning about new places and things to do! Ha! I'll blame it on the fact that you actually live IN town and we're up north in the burgs! Ha! I'm thinking that postcard mural might be a really fun place to take the kids for a photo to use on this year's Christmas card. (I always try to do pictures that show off this area or the kids' current interests/hobbies/activities.)


Dawn said...

Oops... my comment should have said, "... yet I'm constantly learning FROM YOU..." ;-)

Jen r. said...

Happy Anniversary! jen

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys! What a fun day you had...I must have stared at that photo of your crepe for 30 seconds...yummy!!