Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Overnight Getaway

Last Thursday night, Truman and I took advantage of his prize and had a fun overnight getaway at the Barton Creek Resort & Spa! We had a refreshing time of relaxation before the busy season of ministry begins this fall.

We slept late in this big ol' comfy bed...

Enjoyed this view through the french doors and from the balcony...

Spent two afternoons doing this...

While sitting beside this....

And ate a delicious steak dinner here....

It was a such a blessing to have this little getaway from every day life & kick back and have some fun together!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tag Sale Luggage

I had mentioned a couple weeks back that I had found a few treasures when I was out tag sale-ing. It was my first tag sale hunt since we moved to Austin! My mom was in town, so I decided it was the perfect time to head out and see what we could find.

We left at 7:30 (ugh..if you know me, you know that I am SO not a morning person! Early mornings are the one downside of tag sale-ing for me!) and the first several stops we made were not at all fruitful. Higher prices than I expected or was willing to pay, and not the type of goods I was hunting for.

But luckily, you only need one or two great houses to make the morning trip worth it! The very last two stops we made were my treasure troves of great deals.

One thing I was on the lookout for was vintage luggage or hatboxes. My hubby is short on storage in his office and we had been keeping our eye out for some cool vintage luggage with character to add some storage space in his office. I spied these 3 together at a sale for a steal!

I found quite a few other treasures that I'm in the process of creating with. I'll hopefully be finishing a couple of those projects soon!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Night Lights in the Neighborhood

Over the last couple of days, we started noticing these NEPI signs in our neighborhood. Then we took note of some trucks lining the street. I wondered yesterday what they were, but didn't think too much about it.

When Truman came back from a meeting late this afternoon, the trucks had multiplied. And new signs appeared that read "Set." He said it looked like they were taping something. We were hoping it was for HGTV! Curious, we googled NEPI. It stands for Northern Entertainment Productions Inc.

These were just a few of the trucks lining the streets around the corner from our house:

We headed over to find out what was going on and discovered that they just began taping the new season of Friday Night Lights. They are using a house nearby that has been on the market, as a set for this upcoming season. Apparently, they tape Friday Night Lights in our neighborhood often! (We moved in late last fall, so we didn't know that this was a common occurrence.)

In the photo below, you can see the black draping they had put across the front of the house. While I was snagging some pictures of the action for ya'll, they finished a scene and two of the actresses came out from behind the draping, got in the white van on the left, and headed off set.

They had the street down to one lane of traffic and there was a ton of production and set crew roaming around. It was quite a scene!

Set # 2 is at our neighborhood Dairy Queen. They closed it for the afternoon/evening and were in the process of turning it into the "Alamo Freeze" when we drove by. You can see the DQ sign disguised as the Alamo Freeze sign below.

I'm not a fan of the show and have actually never seen an episode, but my hubby watches it. It was fun to see the Film Fleet crews in action...a little excitement around the neighborhood! I'm sure this season we'll be guessing about which character's home is the one around the corner.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Uncommon Objects

I haven't had a chance to uncover many shops in Austin yet that I really enjoy. But, I wanted to share one with you that I love to wander around. Uncommon Objects in SoCo has aisle after aisle and booth after booth filled with vintage treasures and unique items.

From the ordinary of the past to the rather unusual, you're never quite sure what you will find when you visit. It's a fun spot for a leisurely afternoon trip. Even my hubby doesn't mind tagging along since he always seems to find interesting items among the shelves. It seems that different items, shapes, and details catch my attention each time.

From well-loved everyday objects that tell of a time they were needed & used in ways that left them worn, to old pictures and postcards with scribbled labels and messages from years before, I love getting a peak at history and seeing the beauty and detail and uniqueness in objects of the past.

I enjoy seeing pieces of a past I didn't know. They don't make things today like they used to. If you're ever in Austin, it's worth a visit. You just never know what you might find that you just can't leave without!