Thursday, June 30, 2011

25 Week Maternity Photos

I have several posts to share of what we've been up to for the past month, from a trip to Texas to working on the nursery!  While we were in Texas, a friend & former student of ours took some 25 week maternity photos for us.  We are planning to take one more set as we near the end of the pregnancy, but we thought it would be fun to have some in the middle as well.  In most of my belly photos, Truman is taking the picture, so I appreciate having some with him in the photo too and not behind the camera like he usually is!  Here are a few of our favorites:
Thanks, J. Lau Photography!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tiny Tags Necklace

I have literally had my eye on a stamped silver necklace for years.  I often found myself browsing the different styles on blogs and websites, knowing that I wanted a circle necklace with Truman's and my initials or names on it.  Last month, I had a gift certificate to use and The Rusted Chain was having a sale, and I finally ordered myself the Teeny Tags necklace.  I love the simplicity of the small tags and tiny pearl and I have worn it many times since it arrived in my mailbox.  I can even order additional tags to add to it if I decide that I'd like to add the initials of our children in the future.  It was worth the wait and has been a fun new addition to my jewelry box!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Preston Family Session

We recently had the opportunity to head to a neighborhood park with the Preston family for an evening shoot.  The mom, Danielle, was actually our birth class teacher, which is how we met their family.  (Side note:  If you are in the Denver area and looking for a birth class or Bradley instructor, Danielle was an awesome teacher!  We learned so much in her class.)  We had a lot of fun with their 3 girls and even chased bubbles together in between shots.  I love that their personalities really came through in the photos!  Here are some of our favorite photos from the evening…

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reflecting on 4 Years

One month ago today, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  We had a relaxed day together and even though we were right in the middle of a record setting 2 weeks of rain, the skies cleared, and we had a beautiful day!  We took a picnic to one of our favorite Denver parks.
We always exchange cards with handwritten notes in them on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and it's one of my favorite parts of celebrating! 
Most of the time, I hand make a card for Truman.  This anniversary, he decided he was going to use my paper crafting supplies and make a card for me too.  I am very thankful for how sweet & thoughtful my husband is.  Didn't he do an awesome job!? 
After we opened our cards, we played Scrabble and enjoyed some delicious angel food cake with homemade cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries.
Every year on our anniversary, we reflect on that past year of our marriage....our favorite memories, what we learned, how we grew.  This anniversary, as we looked back over our 4th year of marriage, we both agreed that it was our favorite year yet.  And we are so excited for what year 5 is going to hold as we become a family of 3!