Monday, June 27, 2011

Tiny Tags Necklace

I have literally had my eye on a stamped silver necklace for years.  I often found myself browsing the different styles on blogs and websites, knowing that I wanted a circle necklace with Truman's and my initials or names on it.  Last month, I had a gift certificate to use and The Rusted Chain was having a sale, and I finally ordered myself the Teeny Tags necklace.  I love the simplicity of the small tags and tiny pearl and I have worn it many times since it arrived in my mailbox.  I can even order additional tags to add to it if I decide that I'd like to add the initials of our children in the future.  It was worth the wait and has been a fun new addition to my jewelry box!

1 comment:

Carita said...

I have been waiting to get something like that too and had been waiting until we had kids, but now I'm really excited about getting one since we do have a son now! It looks great on you!! Glad you finally got what you had been wanting to get.