Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Green in the Garden

We had a busy weekend around the house! On Saturday, we had a friend over for dinner and grilled one of my favorites....fajitas. My hubby has been wanting to find a homemade salsa recipe that we can make fresh. I found a Roasted Tomato Salsa recipe here last week and decided to make a batch on Saturday. It was delicious and I loved how fresh it is! Hands down, salsa from a jar doesn't even compete in flavor.

I would highly recommend this recipe for whipping up some fresh salsa. The only thing I think I'll deviate from on the recipe for my next batch is to broil the tomatoes for only 15 minutes on each side to char them less. I think the roasted flavor was a little intense, but with a little less of the char, I think it will be perfect! Great for a summer snack or to go with BBQ or mexican!

My hubby also got the itch earlier this spring to put in a vegetable garden. We got a little bit of a late start with our planting (for Texas) because we've been out of town. But we finally tackled the job! Since we were starting a new garden, we did some research to decide how we wanted to plant and found a square foot gardening technique that we wanted to try. This technique is perfect for Tru because of his love for precision. We built the frames and mixed up an all organic mixture to plant in...no soil needed. We started a few plants for herbs and tomatoes that we would like to harvest sooner, and we started with seeds for the rest of the vegetables.

I am excited to have fresh, organic vegetables and herbs just steps from our kitchen. Tru is really looking forward to making our new salsa recipe with ingredients we grew ourselves. As the growth progresses, I'll keep you updated on how we like this gardening technique!

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Do it yourselfer... said...

yippee! I'm glad yall liked it! I cannot even eat salsa from a jar any more! Good luck with the garden. I have a black thumb. I can barely keep my kids alive.