Thursday, September 8, 2011

PBK Transportation Art: My Version

When I first saw this artwork in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, it immediately caught my eye, and I found it online to add to my Pinterest nursery idea board.  Their version is $207 for all 3 canvases.  I would never spend that for nursery artwork.  Definitely not in our budget!  When we found out Hudson was a boy, I knew that I wanted to create a version of these canvases for his nursery.
Truman used Photoshop to create the shapes in files that my Silhouette craft cutter could cut.  I found an assortment of scrapbook paper in the colors I wanted to incorporate into the nursery and patterns that worked with the vintage theme.  The canvases were purchased in a value pack at Michael's with a 40% off coupon.  I used the font Minion Pro to cut the letters out of scrapbook paper as well.  Each canvas was painted with a coat of white acrylic paint, then I used very watered down Burnt Umber acrylic paint and a foam brush to "age" them.  I brushed on the watered down Burnt Umber paint, let it sit for a minute, then used a paper towel to dab and brush the liquid off and blend the edges.  I did a second layer of "aging" with the same process in the areas that I wanted to be darker.  After the canvases were painted, I used Mod Podge just on the back of each letter and shape to affix them to the canvas, being sure to smooth out any bubbles from the scrapbook paper.
My version came in at just over $10 for all 3 canvases!  I like my price a LOT better!  And I love that I was able to create the pieces in colors that coordinated with our nursery.  Here are the two side by side:
I am so happy with how they turned out!

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