Friday, September 9, 2011

Hudson's Blessing Ring

I first saw the idea for a Blessing Ring over a year ago on the blog Bless Our Nest.  Shannon made one for her son and I thought it was such a sweet keepsake for saving all of the cards you receive during pregnancy and after the baby is born to celebrate your little one's new life.  I bookmarked the idea to remember it for when we started our own family.  I will add all of the cards that Hudson receives throughout his first year of life. 
It is a super easy project and only requires a few supplies!  The ring is actually a silver necklace that I bought in the jewelry supply aisle at Hobby Lobby for less than $2.00 on sale.  It comes in a cardboard and cellophane package.  Make sure to get the type of necklace that is sturdy and holds its shape in a circle when it is clasped.  Mine just has a U shaped hook on both ends that hook together to keep it closed, (no clasp) which makes it easier to add the cards.  You also need 3-4 different ribbons in colors and patterns that you like or that match your nursery.  You will simply cut lengths of ribbon as long as you like (I wanted mine to hang out beneath the cards 6-8 inches) and tie them onto the necklace with a simple knot, leaving a 2 inch tail at the top.  Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top left corner of each of your cards.  Tie a ribbon onto the necklace, add several cards, then add another ribbon, repeating until you've added all of your cards.  An optional step, that I did because I don't want the ends of my ribbons to fray over time where they were cut, is to add a drop of Fray Check to the ends of each ribbon.  You can find Fray Check at any craft store in the sewing supply section.  They even carry it at Walmart.

I love that just glancing at the Blessing Ring is a reminder to you and your child of how much they are loved and how many people are praying for them!

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