Friday, August 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We arrived back in the US last night after nearly 8 weeks overseas, 2 continents, 7 cities, and 30+ hours of travel over 2 days.  Home sweet home!

We are jet lagging and were ready for bed long before 8:00 pm tonight.  We are working hard to make it to at least 9:30 before we crawl into bed.  Our bed.  Which I missed dearly during our time away. 

There is nothing like extended time away, especially in a foreign country (or 2), that makes you appreciate the little things....the little comforts of home and the many conveniences that are just a normal part of a daily existence in "the States."  I am thankful to be able to take a hot shower anytime I want, and not worry about running out of hot water.  I am thankful that I have piles of laundry because we are blessed with clothes, more clothes than we can wear in a week (or several) in fact.  And, I have both a washer and a dryer in our house, which saves me from doing laundry by hand in tubs or spending hours at the local laundromat each week.  I am thankful for a kitchen to cook in where I can make our favorite foods....and eat healthy.  I am thankful for towels and sheets that are dry and smell fresh instead of damp and musty.  I am thankful to sit on our comfy couch and enjoy the quiet stillness.  I am sure that there are many other things I will remember to be thankful for as we continue to settle in and get back into our routine.

I am so excited to share photos and stories over the next week or so.  I had hoped to post a few updates while we were away, but internet access was slow if it was even available.  I promise that I will post photos soon.  Very soon.

But first, I hear our bed calling.

P.S.  Just so you know that I am not thankful for everything, I can assure you that we are not thankful for the weeds that are nearly as tall as us (literally) in our backyard.  Or the ones that took over both our grass and our flower beds.


Jenn in Dallas, TX said...

Welcome back!! PS, Ryan saw your blog the other day and said that it was sweet and that I needed to go to and "trick out" my blog too :)

Shannon said...

Hi! For the shower curtain in our guestbathroom I used 4.5 yards of fabric and made two panels.