Thursday, July 8, 2010


I am behind in posting updates from the last couple of months, but I had to share these precious little blessings with you.  I've actually lost track of the total number of friends that have had babies this spring, but one weekend in particular, at the end of April, it was baby time!  3 sweet little ones entered the world within 24 hours of each other!  Two of the 3 were born here in town, and I absolutely loved getting to meet them, and of course, hold them.

Truman and I visited Baby Hailey in the hospital.  She was so sweet and laid back and let me hold her for at least an hour.  She has already grown so much since then, but in those first days of life, she was tiny and absolutely beautiful.

I didn't get a chance to meet baby Kaiden until several weeks later, when he was a month old.  He is adorable and his little personality was already beginning to shine through.

It is such a joy to celebrate these new little bundles of joy with our friends!  It is sad that we haven't had a chance to meet so many of the other little ones who live far away, but we sure are enjoying loving on these sweet ones that are close by.  Soon after we get back in August, some new little faces are scheduled to make their appearances too! 

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