Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Big 3-0: Happy Birthday to Me!

On Tuesday, I left my twenties behind and celebrated the milestone birthday of the big 3-0.  Many of my friends have approached this birthday with dread, and hearing 30 come out when asked how old you are does have a significantly older ring to it than 20-anything, but I honestly am looking forward to my thirties.  Everyone keeps telling me that their thirties have been their favorite season of life, so I am hopeful that will also be true in my own life.

Thanks to my thoughtful husband, the birthday fun extended over several days of celebration!

Over the weekend, we went out for a special dinner date downtown and enjoyed one of our absolute favorites for celebrating any special occasion....steak!  We had a delicious dinner and great conversation, reminiscing about what the Lord has done in my life for the past 10 years, and dreaming about what the next 10 may hold.

On Saturday, Tru said that he had somewhere he wanted to take me for lunch.  We pulled up at this super cute cafe, Duo, that I had never even heard of...

And these fun friends were waiting for me!  We laughed and talked and enjoyed a surprise (for me) brunch together.  The french toast was delicious and the spot that Truman chose was just perfect and so very me, from the colorful print napkins and mismatched tea cups to the old chippy window "wall" that hung down the middle of the restaurant.

My mom made the trip from Ohio to visit for my birthday, so it was special to spend my birthday day with her!  Thanks, mom!  On Tuesday, my actual birthday day started off with a pancake breakfast in bed made with love by my mom.  Then we headed off for the morning showing of The Last Song.  I rarely have company to see the girly movies with, so this was a fun treat.

Then lunch at Carino's for their awesome roasted garlic potato soup and all-you-can-eat soup, salad and bread.  They have the best crusty bread with the herb and roasted garlic dipping oil, and I won't even go for lunch if they don't have the potato soup!  It's my favorite.  It was my lucky day that it was on the menu for my birthday!

Then we were off to check out some local antique shops that I've been wanting to stop into for months!
I even found 2 of the items on my wish list that I've been keeping my eye out for!  Fun little treasures to remember my 30th.  I'll share photos of them this week...

After antique hunting, it was time to go home for presents!  I felt very loved when I saw all of these fun packages waiting for me. 

My sweet husband had put together such a meaningful surprise for me!  He had requested and collected e-mails & cards from many of my friends over the years, from all of the seasons of my life, and compiled them into one big birthday encouragement extravaganza!  It was such a special blessing to read note after note from people I love, sharing the things they appreciate about me, fun memories we've shared as friends, and the unique ways God has used me in their life.  What could possibly make a girl feel better about turning 30?

This is the evite my hubby sent out to my friends.  But, wait, the surprise didn't end there....

Notice the look of shock on my face as I unwrapped my first gift....a new camera!  I was so incredibly surprised!  Not only had I thought there was no way we were going to be able financially to get me a new camera this year as we had hoped, which made the surprise that much more fun and unexpected, but Tru went on to tell me that all of my friends had contributed and came together to get this special gift for me to bless me!  The Lord has blessed me with some fabulous friends and enduring friendships.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to all of the dear friends who helped to make this day extra special and memorable! 

I can't wait to practice and explore and learn the ins-and-outs of my new camera!  As much as I love our DSLR, I like to have a smaller high quality camera that I can carry in my purse and keep easily accessible with me at all never know when an unexpected moment will pop up!

There were beautiful roses from my mom (love them!) and time with my mom and the handsome love of my life.

And how did we end this fabulous birthday?  Well, with Chipotle, of course.  One of my other absolute favorites. Mmmm.  It was a tasty ending to a fun, relaxing and memorable birthday celebration.

Bring it on, 30!  What is it that they say?  Thirty, flirty and thriving. (wink)


Tracy said...

Wow, Amber! That hubby of yours knows how to plan quite a special celebration! How wonderful and incredibly memorable. I'm thrilled you had such a terrific birthday. = ) May the year ahead hold many blessings!

Leah said...

Happy Bday Amber! I was thinking about you today because I am throwing a wedding shower tomorrow night, and I was wishing I had your brain... At least I have your blog. :)

Dawn said...

Happy, happy birthday my sweet blog friend! What a wonderful birthday celebration you had. I pray that this is just the beginning of many more years of happiness.

PS - I thought the thirties were great years, too, and the forties are just as good! LOL

Lee Family said...

Happy Birthday Amber! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration!!