Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Painting Love

I have to tell you about my absolute new favorite paint! Have you seen the new Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint from Home Depot? It is paint with the primer already in it. When we bought our new house and went to purchase paint, the paint dept. clerk recommended the Premium Plus Ultra paint to us. She had recently used it in her own home and had rave reviews. We decided to give it a try and we were not disappointed!

We actually got by with only one coat of paint in our rooms! One! The paint is so smooth and goes on so easily. No worries about roller marks or brush marks. You do have to apply it a tiny bit thicker than you would if you were doing two coats, so a roller with a little longer nap might be helpful. After we had finished all the walls in a room, we went back and checked the walls to see if there were any thin spots where the original color was showing through. In the few spots where we didn't have full coverage, we re-rolled just that small area and it blended in perfectly! We were thrilled with how much time this paint saved us! We've always liked Behr paint, but they have truly outdone themselves with this new line. I know exactly which paint we will be using for all of our future painting projects. If you have any walls that you are considering a fresh coat of paint for, I would highly recommend the Premium Plus Ultra. It is only a few extra dollars a gallon and well worth the time and effort it saves!

One thing to note...Though there is a Premium Plus Ultra paint display in the store with it's own paint chips that differ from the colors of the regular Behr line, they can tint the Premium Plus Ultra paint to match any of the Behr colors. All of the colors we selected were from the color swatches of their regular line.

The photo above is a sneak peak at my new laundry room and the fabulous robin's egg blue color that is on the walls! I have a couple of projects still planned for that space, but I'll be sure to post photos when it's all finished!


Lee Family said...

thanks for the info! I'm definitely going to try this paint. We have so far painted only the family room in our house and it took forever b/c we had to do so many coats and it was soo hard to get it even. But this inspires me to finish the rest of the house!

Queen B. said...

OOoooo yes, great info !!
thanks for your comment.
Let me know if you try the brisket...I'd love to know how you liked it !!

New Every Morning said...

We just finished painting our bedroom with that stuff... it is amazing! We loved it! Urban Mist was our Behr color of choice =)

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