Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coupon Clippin'

September is National Coupon Month. Did you know that manufacturers offered more than approximately $350 billion in coupon savings in 2007? Shoppers saved approximately $2.6 billion last year by using coupons. That's huge savings! But, that also means that over $347 billion of savings went unused!

On any given Sunday afternoon, you'll often find me curled up on the couch, scissors in hand, clipping my savings from the newspaper coupon inserts. I learned coupon appreciation young...I can remember going to the public library with my mom as a little girl for Coupon Club. I'd look at books while my mom traded coupons with other moms, the library tables covered with a patchwork of UPC codes and the little clippings of savings.

I've enjoyed cutting coupons for many years! Even when I wasn't the one doing the grocery shopping, I got a certain satisfaction from pulling out the scissors and cutting up the coupon inserts. There is something relaxing & methodical about it for me.

Now that I do our family shopping, I faithfully cut and file every week. And as much as I love to cut, I love to save even more! Many people don't realize how much you can save, or how many things you can actually get for free, simply by spending half an hour a week cutting while you watch tv and filing your coupons into an easy to access organizer! Combining those coupons with store sales on the items, nets great savings or free products to stock your shelves with items you use on a regular basis. As long as I've been shopping, I've also been saving!

I recently saved nearly $30 on a single trip to the grocery store. I stocked up on health and beauty & home products at Walgreens and got over $60 of merchandise for less than $25 at check out! I love the satisfaction (and, ok, a little bit of a thrill even!) of a highly successful shopping trip and seeing the total jump down at the register!

Since moving to Austin, my savings have actually decreased! I've been disappointed in the lack of competition in the grocery industry & the lack of store choices. I have only one grocery store chain that offers double or triple coupons, only occasionally! Oh how I miss my Kroger/King Soopers and the fabulous deals they offered on a weekly basis coupled with regular double coupons!

Do you coupon?


Marisa said...

Wow! You're blog page layout looks good! :) I like it!
I always LOVE coupon clipping too. Its so fun, and I do think you can find good deals! I'm so sad though, we don't get the paper here so I've definitely missed clipping!
Love, Marisa

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I wish I had the discipline to use coupons more. I have a little container and everything to hold them but I just can't get my act together. I need to try again! As for your question about my favorite Colorado town we visited, I actually think it was Ouray. Although for different reasons they ALL were so sweet. Have you ever been to Salida? We really loved it. And Aspen was pretty, of course, but a little touristy. It's making me want to go back now, just thinking of it!

Sandy Toes said...

My husband would love me to do this but I forget. I just saw a blog where she has a big binder of coupons...I need to get on the ball. I know you can save so much $!
-Sandy Toes

Cindi Lakes said...

Well I have to comment here ;0) I am proud of what a thrifty girl you are!! You're so cute that you remember coupon club!! Although I don't share your love of cutting them out, but miss you cutting mine out for me hehe I do share your thrill of standing in line and watching that total go down and knowing I got stuff almost for free! Hey I got 4 free loaves of bread last week !!

Angela said...

that's neat! you're right there are not many grocery stores in texas other than HEB, so coupon clipping can get a little slow.

i'm such a walgreens fan!! i used to go there all the time before i became a mom, but now i hardly have time to stop in. i get my prescriptions there though, so i always make sure to wait around while they are being filled--i love to hang out in the cosmetics and greeting card isle!! lol...

have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

I love cutting coupons but I'm no pro. I didn't even know you could double them until recently!! :)