Friday, May 9, 2008

Back from the Retreat

I was really hoping to post before we headed out of town on Wednesday morning, but as usual, the week was busy and time got away from me! We were busy visiting with out of town friends and house hunting in preparation for their move to Austin this summer. I'm sorry! The good news is, there are fun pictures ahead catching you up on all that we've been working on around here! First though, I wanted to share where we've been the last few days!

We got back late tonight from a 3 day retreat we took at a lake in the Texas hill country just outside of Austin. We spent time with our Campus Crusade for Christ Ethnic Student Ministry team evaluating this past year of ministry with Asian American and Latino students at the University of Texas, praising God for the students who gave their lives to Christ, grew in their faith as disciples of Christ, and learned how to share their faith. We also began planning for next school year and developing our vision of what we are trusting God to do on campuses in and around Austin next year in the lives of students.

This time was sweet because we joined together the current team with several of the new staff that will be joining us next year. We have 9 "new" staff members coming from across Texas and the US to join our team this fall!

We were so blessed to be offered a few days at a comfortable lake house with beautiful views and awesome meeting space where the 13 of us could gather! Windows and a deck stretched across the back of the house overlooking the lake. Check out these views!

On an entirely different note, I am almost giddy to say that tonight will be our last with boxes stacked as nightstands, clothes stacked across the floor and in boxes, and our pillows falling into the crack between the mattress and the wall! We moved into our house in November, and our bedroom has been a mess of disorganization and makeshift storage ever since. Tomorrow, our new bedroom furniture will be arriving! Tuesday is our one year anniversary, and I think it's high time that we have a relaxing, romantic retreat to call our own! I'm off to sleep for the last night in our room as we know it, with sweet dreams of the transformation that will take place tomorrow...

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Jess said...

Hi Amber! I would LOVE the dessert recipe!! Please, please, please!
So exciting about your bedroom furniture! I hate living out of boxes, done it way to much i think! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary, Have a great day!