Monday, February 25, 2008

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill

The weekend before my final exam, after almost two weeks of straight studying, and with many hours of studying ahead for the rest of the weekend, I desperately needed a break from the four walls of our hotel room! My sweet hubby planned a fun little surprise date for us on Saturday morning and we headed to DeLeon Springs State Park.

In the late 1870's, the site of the State Park was home to Spring Garden plantation, where a long line of planters cultivated cotton, corn and sugarcane. A natural spring is the main feature of the state park and feeds beautiful lakes connected to the park. In the days of the plantation, a waterwheel was built that harnessed the spring flow to grind sugar cane.

Our real destination within the park, though, was The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, home of all-you-can-eat pancakes! The rustic interior features elements of the sugar mill, but the most unique part of this restaurant are the griddles built into the middle of each table.

Large pitchers of homemade pancake batter, both traditional and a five grain stone ground blend, are brought to the table, and you can order a variety of mix-ins from fruit and nuts to chocolate chips to add to your pancakes. Eggs are brought whole and bread comes untoasted, and you prepare your pancakes and breakfast right on the hot griddle in your table.

Our favorite pancake creation was the multigrain batter with bananas, pecans & chocolate chips. Yum!

I love discovering little unknown spots that are favorites of the locals whenever we are traveling! A very fun way to spend a sunny morning...

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

That looks not only fun, but delicious too! Thanks for the tour.:)
xo Lidy