Monday, January 2, 2012

Hudson's First 3 Months

I have been wanting for months, literally, to share more photos of our adorable little guy!  But, my days have been full of cuddling him and kissing his sweet cheeks instead.  I am trying my best to soak in every moment with our sweet boy because I know how fast they grow.  He has already changed so much!  Mixed in with the love and joy I feel when I stare at his precious face is a little bit of sadness because every week I wish I could freeze him exactly as he is.  Each new week brings new things learned, a little more chub, new expressions, and change.  Even though we think he just gets cuter every week, I can't help but wish that each stage could last a little bit longer because we love him so much and there is nothing quite as sweet as holding your baby boy in your arms.  Each week I think he will never again be the exact same kind of cute as he is this week.

When I think of a word that sums up what Hudson has brought to our life, I immediately think of the word joy.  He has brought a fullness of joy to our home and our lives beyond what we could have imagined.  He has the sweetest demeanor and a huge smile that he can't keep to himself.  He is truly a happy baby.  My sweet husband has always brought smiles to my face on a daily basis, but I think our smiling has multiplied a hundred times over with this cute guy to love.  We can't help but smile every time we look at that sweet face.  I love that he brings a smile to the face of others as well.  When we are out, nearly everyone that sees him smiles.  What a blessing that our little bundle of joy can bring joy to others!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Hudson's first 3 months:
Not sure what to think about his 1st car ride on the way home from the hospital.
We figured out in his first days home from the hospital that he loves music.  He loves watching his mobile and kicks his little feet whenever we lay him down and start winding it up.
He LOVES his hands, and in his first months, they were always somewhere on or near his face if he wasn't swaddled.  He literally fell asleep with his hands like this one afternoon and we thought it was so funny!
His first snow in mid-October.
Our little giraffe dressed up for Halloween.

He really enjoys his playmat and he especially loves looking at and talking to himself in his mirror.  He started rolling over at 5 weeks!  So, he doesn't get much tummy time because he just wants to roll over so he can play with his toys.
 Our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3.  We have so much to be thankful for this year!
 We even think his pouty lip is adorable!

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Andrea and Jeff said...

what an adorable baby! He is precious. I miss all of your Friday recipes but now I see why. I wouldn't want to stop cuddling that little guy either.