Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ironing Pretty

I love when you are out and about and you find that perfect item, that's even better than what you could have imagined, when you aren't even looking for it.  Some people have those discoveries all the time, but for me, they're rare, so it's exciting when they do happen!

I've slowly been working on making our laundry room cozy as I find little things here and there.  I painted the walls a beautiful shade of robin's egg blue.  During one of my mom's visits, we stopped into TJ Maxx and I found this beautiful ironing board cover in the clearance aisle!

It is exactly the colors I am using in our laundry room and I adore the pattern.  (It's hard to capture the true color in photos because there is no natural light in this room.)  Our poor ironing board cover was thin and loose and I had been thinking we needed a new one.  If I have to iron, I'd much rather do it on a pretty ironing board!

What fun discoveries have you made lately?

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Darci said...

This week, I found some great home decor items at Hobby Lobby for 80% off!!! Iron "Welcome" sign for the front porch, "Bistro" key hook for the kitchen, and some "movie" themed pieces for the basement. They all look great, and will hopefully give the house some nice final touches for selling. ;)